01 July 2009


*brought to you by Snarb®

“From where you sit, the White House may look as untidy as the inside of a stomach. As is said of the legislative process, sausage-making and policy-making shouldn't be seen close-up. Don't let that panic you. Things may be going better than they look from the inside.”

-Donald Rumsfeld paraphrasing Otto Von Bismarck

"Come on down and put somethin' in your mouth"

-That one guy at Sausage Week 2007

It's official. Sausage has that je ne sais quoi.

It's taking over my life. Sausage Week 2009 has rendered my fridge stocked of cylindrical goodness, my belly is becoming overwhelmingly oversized, and you know what?

Je m'en fous.

I am letting myself go, and sausage is taking over. Like in Ghostbusters. With that guy. Zoul. There is no Quel, only Sausage.

So festive are my feelings about this special week that happens once a year, I make an annual cross-country, long distance call to my old pal Mr. Odom at his headquarters, "the Bottomless Pit." This year Mr Odom and I chatted about the implications of cross-comparing bottomless pits and sausages and decided that the two are in fact related. We talked about Three Penny Opera, fraudulent frozen chicken commerce, and the infamous Emperor Norton.

Most importantly, however, we talked sausage. Thank you sausage, for being that special food that connects us all.


You can hear the bite-sized viennese here:

...or the family-style linguica, complete with Mr Odom's choice musical cutlets here.

Or just make a commitment to regularly visit the buffet platter offered by Pirate Cat Radio.


QuellIsFamous said...

best week ever.

Wait a minute... said...

what the hell is going on here?

Dan B said...

that 'huh' is AMAZING

suddenlyshida said...

i love how stoo was so ready to spread the joy of SW w/ the world via interwebz!

Cutting art, state-of-the-edge technologies: bringing the sausage to THE PEOPLE!

Dan B said...

Je ne sais QUEL!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm snarb