30 June 2009

Sausage Week* Wednesday!

*Now with more Vitamin A than ever!

Today we're going to learn about braunshweiger: a spreadable (!) German sausage made almost entirely of pork liver. You may remember this delight from David Lynch's The Straight Story, and if you've ever tried it, you'll know that the taste is hard to forget.

And now, please enjoy a most disgusting piece of sausage art:



Dan B said...

it slices, it dices...itself!

suddenlyshida said...

oh gawd. i just did a spit take while enjoying my nightly tea & prankster moment. since Dan is here on this page, i will blame him.

GoodDayToYourSausage said...

We've already found Britain's "landmark bangers" but it would appear we've got plenty of other sausages to sniff out! Tally ho!