01 July 2009

British Sausage Week Ain't Got NOTHIN' on pDice!

It has come to my attention, via our closely moderated comments section, that other entities around the world have (at various times) declared a Sausage Week of their own, most notably in Great Britain!

This is a good thing, by and large, for the advancement of sausagery. However, it bears mention that Prankster Dice continues to bring you the best in sausaging around the clock.

My personal favorite week-long tribute to squishy meat tubes is from a blogger in the Chicago area, known cryptically as 'MAC,' who last year spent a week indulging in the fleshy pleasures of all things sausage. (He also took the above photo, whilst endeavoring to make bratwurst.)

We know you have a number of choices when you celebrate amalgamated meat products; thanks for choosing pDice!


Quel said...

Professor BANGERS!!!!!!

suddenlyshida said...

so bad. it's so bad.