18 November 2008

At The Castle, pt. 1

I found a photo of The Castle. It doesn't even have a roof yet, but it's The Castle. The picture-window to the past-time lets us see the way things were, before things changed. Before the point at which Then became Now.

That's him, in the photo. The Builder. He made The Castle, where we went today to drink whisky (and to remember). He made it himself, as a home. He finished it, but it wasn't his. They made him leave, and The Castle was reclaimed, by us and by others.

Next time: The Castle, now.


DefinitelyNotZippy1978 said...

I don't understand... there's no insane Arts&Crafts coffee cocktail underwater vagina-mermaid-flightoftheconchords mutant murderer in this castle ???

prollynotquell2000 said...

yeah, where's the tongue-in-cheek dry humor and absurdism in a castle built by bums for acidhead kids?