20 November 2008

Circuit bent Electronic Storybook for AudioAngel

....AudioAngel gave me these two Sound-Effects devices from a Storybook toy. One from The Lion King, one from SPIDER-MAN!!! All she wanted was a 1/4" jack installed to play the sounds live but guess what, I found a circuit-bend point and just couldn't help myself. The copper pads on the sides are BODY-CONTACTS and the more skin they touch, the LOWER the pitch of the sound effects. VERY AWESOME and glitchy! No video for this creation, I'll let AudioAngel come up with a performance, then we can all go see her play freakedout LionKing sounds live!
...except for Quell, who's too far away.
Quell has to stay home and try to find a more insane YouTube series to top Ol' Greg


Dreya said...

This is nerdtastic!! Your brainz and inventions continue to amaze me, Zip. Hakuna matata or something.

Moquel said...

Make me a funk boob!!!!!

suddenlyshida said...

i show YOU a funk boob.

Srsly. Zippy. Dude. Still no words. only gleeful expletives --> FAAAAHHHHKKKKK!

meanwhile. i'm still coming up w/a name for it. i think he's a he. most of my devices, as u know, are girls, like myself.

my tellular cellophone, Cariña and my ipod Penelope. But they are also pink and have never been infused w/ boyness so...

i'll keep u abreast of the naming situation. *heh* *snicker* *snort*

p.s. YAY DREYA!!! =)