18 November 2008

Tuesday Huh

And a day will come when I've seen all there is to see in the realm of internet video, when nothing comes as a surprise or a 'oh you have to see this;' when Dan B will be satisfied that his Prankster kingdom shall relish in words, arts, and culture; a time when all can sleep well at night knowing that in the morning the PDice forum will exist as a place of empirical exploration, dialectical discourse on who put the what in the where now, an earnest attempt at discovering the almighty Huh.
Until then, I post for you, Old Greg.


ConcernedCitizensForALessNuttyQUELL2009 said...

what is wrong with U?

I like Bailey's from time to time
I think watercolors are really quite fine

I went to a club to wee on a quell
i thought he'd think itd be quite swell

british people like to pretend to be fish
with vaginas as ugly and as big as you wish

10:48 of my life watching idiots sing
i can't beleive i watched the whole thing

Moquel said...

I'm glad you liked it!

What The Hell Is Up With Dan B said...

I especially enjoyed the paragraph!

Anonymous said...