11 November 2009

Halloween in New Orleans

Just to share, this halloween I was in New Orleans and happened upon a voodoo party put on by the Voodoo Authentica Cultural Center. Two of the hosts were, a Haitian Voodoo Priestess Mama Lola, and Voodoo Priest, Elmer T Glover. The people in white are voodoo practitioners and the dude singing i s Coco Robicheaux.

Im sure you all know how I feel about drum circles, so that should attest. There was something cool about New Orleans in decay and falling down on itself in the background, and such a great tradition of voodoo / hoodoo in these streets.

*And near the end there was an annual voodoo ritual where we were cleansed of our negativities!
These videos are pretty small on the blog, so hit me up and I'll send you the files.

She's tough to see but the woman leading the chant is in a wheelchair next to the guy with a bottle of rum, (which he later took a swig of and blew booze in someone's face-consistent with hoodoo rituals).


Quel said...

Shit yes, Cootie. Where can I see your pictures?

eestoneloc... dr.j said...

I'm on it. Will let you know.

Quel said...

Call me up Coot wanna hear about your trip

suddenlyshida said...

this is SO awesome that you contributed to and captured these moments.

i'd love to see the whole vid + pics.

did u feel lighter when u left?