13 November 2009

Friday Dancing Times


Dan B said...

What a coincidence...I was born to roll, too!!

suddenlyshida said...


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Until recently I was really confused by the "black boy black boy verse." I couldnt figure out why he would be saying those things. Recently I realized it was the voice of the cop saying those things.

I guess I wasn't born to roll.

Dan B said...

Cops listen to Elvis.

suddenlyshida said...

aww coot (can i call u that?! it just kinda came out!) i think it's cuz u recognize NOW that u r fully born 2 roll...or whatever that means.

i didn't really notice that line it until i watched the vid on repeat pre-posting (it's kind of a ritual pre-req for FDTs)

i heart parentheticals. (just sayin)

in related news, his emphasis on "Go back to Africa" reminds me of this joke me & my friend Karl had about the supposed "moment of empowerment" in so many gutter to glory 80s/90s Black (not noir!) films where the protagonist proclaims "I'm going back to my roots, back to AF - RI - CUHHH!" yeahhh right. such jokels.