07 August 2009

Friday Dancing Times

RIP John Hughes Edition.

dood. a majority of p-dice was only 7 years old, but suddenly sheedz was totally, like, sooo much older and like, more mature and stuff. 13. and i got to stay up late, like after 9 and stuff. and this one time i totally convinced my mom she HAD to let me stay up to tape record the end of this movie cause the song was really pretty and i was had to learn it on my clarinet for band. truth was, i loved this movie (and most of JH's films) and this song would be bring me to tears EVERYTIME. so i sat, w/ the tape recorder up to the speaker of our massive tv and recorded this song :

in retrospect, his ideas around love & relationship are not something i'd embrace now, but for whatever reasons, they empowered and moved me then like no other. i'm grateful. <3


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Who DOESN'T love pennywhistles?!