02 July 2009

Sausage Week Updatez - 4 tha Ladeez!

For the ever-rising "femographic" on P-dice. Because, ya know, chicks love to play with Sausage too!

My fellow pranksters - Sometimes, late at night, I dream a world, where ALL the boys and girls of every gender and flavor can come to Prankstoria and find joy, happiness and a more purpose-filled life with just five little words:

Free. Online. Fried. Sausage. Game.

Maybe it's crazy, maybe it's a long shot, but if there's one thing Sausage Week hath taught, YA GOTTA DREAM BIG MAN!

Love, Suddenly Sausage...erm, Shida.


Dan B said...

Man, I SUCK at this game! I wish the instructions were in English so my ingnunt Yankee ass could figure out what the hail is going on!

Quel said...

HOLY FUCK!!! Should next week be dedicated to Pancakes and Sausage On A Stick?????? PleasesayyesPleasesayyesPleasesayyesPleasesayyesPleasesayyesPleasesayyes

Dan B said...

I can't seem to break 300 points...and I think I'm leaving the sausages in the fryer too long. FUCK!