02 July 2009

Sausage: from 3,000 years ago!!

"But he himself kept tossing, turning, intent as a cook before some white-hot blazing fire who rolls his sizzling sausage back and forth, packed with fat and blook--keen to broil it quickly, tossing, turning it, this way,..."

-Homer, the Odyssey

PDICE reader and Bazz Player extraordinaire AK47 writes:

"Blood sausage was being made 2,000 years ago and is the oldest sausage ever mentioned in written literature in Homer's Odyssey."

You can't deny history. Sausage=civilization. Booyakashaaaaa!

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suddenlyshida said...

wow, Fat ANNNND Blook. I mean, c'mon. Who in the eff can pass THAT up?