18 June 2008

Unicycles At The End Of The World

How are humans going to get around after we hopelessly obliterate civilization, or the Earth gets hit by a comet? Wired Mag seems to think that one good idea is the UNICYCLE

While we Prnkstrs are big fans of unicycles (Moquel in particular), I must express several reservations about their use in a post-apocalyptic setting. For example, while they are quite fuel-efficient, there is nothing badass about a unicycle. Can you imagine Mad Max rocking a unicycle?

Additionally, unicycles are virtually unarmored...unlike nearly every other vehicle on Wired's list. Unicycles have minimal storage space and virtually no passenger capability. Not only that, I'm not entirely sure that I want to worry about falling off my vehicle while being chased across the wasteland by marauding zombie hordes.

Do I have to much free time?


Is Moquel going to vigorously contest my assertions?


Do I sound like Don Rumsfeld right now?


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