01 July 2010

Google Voice Decodes Nonsense!

The message:

The transcription:
Bye can't. Philip Kaiser, although Hey Larry, bye bye, it's a fair goodbye the, and well. Hey guys, I think both of them. Give me a little bit more about that. If you are but kind of bye hello, but. Hey Mick, Yo, I, or earlier, it is Bart dot okay. Yeah, just to know my passport coming down and anyway this is. Hey Micah, yeah it hello. Yo well. Yahoo company white and then hello, but yeah okay bye bye but that would be. Yeah, I've alright. Bye later. Well, I think it out, but we have a book about that. If you could do it by Oscar 5 later or if you really. Hello exactly we got this is this. Come this, but I don't have to hello.

Thank god google can decode this for me, it's better than Spam jibberish.


suddenlyshida said...

i god damn love this isht. stay tuned for more updates about those lapsed google voice accounts!!!


pinhead said...

what a gem!

Quel said...

it is Bart dot okay!