07 June 2010

Animals With People Teeth Part 2

The day I met Dan B, he made some crazy ass, screwed up face at me on the 115 bus. Apparently he had learned my weakness on day one, and ever since, he sporadically issues psychologically jarring attacks, that affect only me, of course.

For example, in 2002, Dan and I were sharing a basement apartment with minimal lighting. When I least expected it, Dan would shut the solitary light off, leaving me in frightening suspense of the return of that lightbulb's glow and what I now know as the LOL Shark face.

Those LOL Sharks (previous post) were fucking disturbing. This aggression will stand no longer, or something. Dan, I up your LOL Sharks with some Dogs with people teeth.


suddenlyshida said...

That cat is the world famous MC Fresh Breath. He's making his comeback yo.

Dreya said...

Dan can't scare anyone with his teeth. They're too little. Have you seen them?? They're smaller than your average adult teeth.

Quite cute though. Don't worry baby, I like your rittle teef.

Quel said...

Dan does have nice teeth, now that I think about it. Dreya, if he ever does the light trick trick to you, run.