20 May 2010

This Just In: Tony Caught Working

Our very own Eestoneloc has been caught in the act of doing a good job and caring about stuff. The above photo, obtained surreptitiously and at great risk to the anonymous photographer, depicts the aforementioned scalywag blatantly (and nonchalantly) discussing work-type-things with a supervisor.

During the encounter, Eestoneloc was attentive, sincere and appeared to be genuinely interested in the topic at hand. While there is no way to be certain whether any actual productivity resulted from the observed interaction, it is safe to say that Eestoneloc's carefully crafted image of casual indifference and apathy has been (for all intents and purposes) shattered.


Quel said...

Related topic: Is Tony still punk?

eestoneloc... dr.j said...

well, After that little meeting, I broke some shit.


pinhead said...

my fish changed color and the porsche i bought for my farm is upside down.

suddenlyshida said...

i like traffic lights.