08 May 2010

Friday Not Dancing Times


It's hella saturday out. To be CORNPLETELY honest, I fully intended to post yesterday, but NOTICED that there have been NO postings @ all since the last FDT.

It just didn't FEEL right.

Feel me dawg?

I mean, I know we're all busy, but maybe, we should rethink this relationship?


Quel said...

What the hell is wrong with PDICE?

Quel said...

PDICE... and JAZZ... are dead

suddenlyshida said...

This may be premature. But I'm getting a feeling...

is the interweb about to take a dive?

is it it losing it's shine?

i may be totes crazy. but something is shifting.


what's not jazz?

pinhead said...


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Shida! I'm so feelin that. The internet is dead! Blogs and user created social gibberish have killed it!

Pinhead- did you know zynga is looking to make 600 mill this year?

Check this article on the internet!

pinhead said...

let's open the security preferences and let the investblog.com 'bots post again. I'm lonely.

Dan B said...

I blame myself.

suddenlyshida said...

Le Sigh.

It's a trip. I recently have unsubbed from like 30 mailing lists. I can't stomach getting e-mail from bots any more. At first it was an ego thing like...Oh my phone is making a noise, somebody gives a shit...oh it's a mailing list.

Which is attached to a person, but there's just something about the "having info shoved @ face" vibe of it all.

Where is the communication in that?! Yes, you are excited about your info, but what if I'm not? Do you care that I IMMEDIATELY delete your e-mail upon arrival or does it just matter more that you've sent 2,000 e-mails?

And as an artist, I've got to come up with a way that works for me to sincerely does communicate to multiple people but from my heart.

I'm genuinely curious about all of this and I'm working on it.

suddenlyshida said...

What I had meant to say wuz ::

And as an artist, I've got to come up with a way that works for me that sincerely does communicate to multiple people but from my heart.

Dan B said...

Let's bring back skywriting!

pinhead said...



Quel said...


Remember when bands would send a postcard with all of their dates?

Fridge w/magnet like right away.

When I get an address I'll totally give it to all of you.

eestoneloc... dr.j said...

I just miss handwriting. And spelling misktaes.

BZip said...

You're all a bunch of babies... what you need is a fresh perspective and new readership. I've got you covered:
-Redesign the logo!
-Hire a ghost blogger!
-Ramp up SEO!
-Less swearing, more youtube!
-Write two comments for every post!
-Print is dead, too. Does anybody have an illiterate cat photo for me?

Quel said...

I might add, Dan B for President!

suddenlyshida said...

ZIPSY! Love the postcards idea, actually thot about that when i got 50 free sheets of 5x7 foto paper w/ my cartridge refills!

but eco-wise, it seems wasteful. I've got some idears. But please keep em coming!

Eric B. & Dan B. for prezident!

suddenlyshida said...

oh barrie - i miss u.