31 May 2010

Foolproof Four @ Grandmaster Recorders

I felt even more like a rock star than usual this past weekend. The reason? I was recording drums with Foolproof Four at Grandmaster in Hollywood.

Simply put, Grandmaster is incredible. Built inside a former movie theater, it's the polar opposite of a slick, impersonal recording studio. The front door is on Cahuenga, but the cool kids go through this secret door, which is inside a warehouse piled with gear and speakers.

You enter the studio through this tunnel-thingy, which doubles as a recording booth; the walls are offset by 17 degrees to prevent standing waves. Apparently there are no parallel walls anywhere in the building.

This is the "wet" room, where we tracked drums. Note the crazy bass-channeling window thingy in front of the drums; you can see our engineer Chad's reflection to the left.

Grandmaster basically looks like a spaceship built by pirates. Super nice woodwork throughout the studio...

...plus a cool upstairs area for chillaxin, complete with barber chair, ship's throttle and foosball/darts loft. Baller.

After you're done checking out Noah's sexy face, check out the 1973 Neve 8028 board. According to Grandmaster's website, it was "the last standard Class A Neve the company ever built."

Uhh...wow. Look for the Foolproof Four EP in the next few months!


Quel said...

Yeah dude! Dig the slight steampunk vibe.

Dreya said...

Like whoa. Looks amazing!