16 March 2010

"You're kind of a big deal"

That's what it says on a snapple cap that I decided to keep when I first moved into my house Bernadette (who misses you & thinks you stop by)

I think it can be gentle, fun reminder to keep things as awesome as possible.

So this Saturday, I'm assisting the awesome grow exponentially by collaborating on this:


I have my first bobcat lesson in an hour. Kinda stoked. I do believe, if it wasn't for the specially reserved prankster section in my psyche that cheers me on when such nutty opportunities come a long, life would be not nearly as rad.

Ever so fondly - suddenly shidaly


pinhead said...


rooting for shida!

Quel said...

I'm HELLA thurrrr!

Cyrus said...

this is beyond ill.