11 January 2010



Anonymous said...

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suddenlyshida said...

I can't say(s) I blame them. I mean...the BOTS really take the time to SHARE here on p-dice. Where have we been lately? Caught up in our mid-january haze of "wait a minute, it's a new year, everything's spose to be flipping awesome, why is this dumb shit trying to drag me down?!" ... What happened to us?! SHIT'S DONE CHANGED!!!

Anonymous said...

pyramind trixxx

pinhead said...

so wait, no one actually commented on the bacon page?

Quel said...


suddenlyshida said...

ok, i could feel your disappointment zip so i checked out the bacnz.

i hafta say, that guy is pretty smooth. his vids are great!

L00t_1 said...

What freaks me out is this: homeboy obviously knows that the pDice crew rolls with some serious cheddar, like Wall Street coin, knaa'mean?