04 December 2009

I still have the keys to the blog! And I'm using them!

OK people.  I'm having my childhood sensei write some short stories for my blog.  He gave me some possible topics/titles.  I want you all to vote on which one I should request first.  Your choices are (and I promise, I am not the one that came up with these) as follows:

"In Defense of Legalizing Prostitution"

"Suppression of Sex and the Violent Expression Consequence"

"Current View of the American Sexual Culture -- from the Perspective of an Adept"

"The Fuck-Me Gene"

"Intoxication and Orgasm"

"My Ten Best Sex Partners"

"Fucking Strangers"

"Sexual Domination, Submission & Admission".

I'm kind of partial to "Fucking Strangers" myself.


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

"fucking strangers'
is my vote.

Close second is the Suppression & Consequence, which could be some pretty bizarre revelations.

Quel said...

Suppression & Consequence is a little more all-encompassing