04 November 2009

I miss Halloween Already, Part 2

It's weird when your friend in San Francisco sends you a youtube link of someone playing saxophone on the L Train and you're all like I saw that guy on Halloween but its DOUBLY weird when you leave rehearsal and hear what you think is a British ambulance and then you're all like oh its that guy again and then you have a conversation with him thats all about how weird is the internet and you're all connected with a stranger even tho his favorite things are weird drugs and freak-out saxophoning isnt it?


Anya said...

Totally know what my costume will be next year now.
I love that guy!

suddenlyshida said...

so awesome!

weird drugs? like children's aspirin? orangey!

Dan B said...

but...those are YOUR favorite things too, The Quel!

Quel said...

no, my favorite things are goofballs and freak-out clarinet