24 November 2009

Don't Call It A Come Back!

Well folks, Hello there,

I've been busy. Busy redefining the world of Ukuleles. Sorry about that, I just made things way more hardcore for all ukulele players. No more of this sweet skipping-through-the-happy-meadow-bullshit. Ukulele's now shred. Deal with it.

My ukulele is made made from solid Alder and Quilted Maple. It has abalone inlay and a bright Gibson Humbucker from sometime in the early 70's (I think). I even got a 1971 Thomas Organ Cry Baby just to make this whole situation a bit more ridiculous.

For my new record, I needed a new instrument with a new sound. I was thinking that ukuleles are cool but that they didn't capture a wide enough range of emotion in their tone. It's pretty hard to get a good hard rock sound out of a nylon acoustic Ukulele. I needed steel and electricity. Also, I thought it would be cool to have an electric uke that looked like a miniature version of one of my telecasters (which is the 2nd electric uke in the making now).

This was before I added the black humbucker mounting ring and Thomastik 13 Infeld Flatwounds. It took me a long time and about three packs of strings to figure out the right guages.

This is the rig I ran my electric Ukulele through at Different Fur while recording a new song. I used this Fender Twin Reverb and that other weird little amp which had a wonderful clean tone. I also used a VOX WAH which was a lot fun but not nearly as cool as my new crybaby.

This is my new Engineer, he's digging the new Uke.

No, these Ukuleles are not for sale. Build one yourself ;) and have a nice day.



Quel said...

heck yes

Dan B said...

holy shit that's ill!

Quel said...

I forgot to say I WANT ONE

suddenlyshida said...

hella rell! yay timmeh =)

Dreya said...

WOAH! Super cool!