21 October 2009

Manatee Wednesday

Oh wow. There's a Manatee chillin in Jersey. His name is Ilya.


Dreya said...

How do you find these things?!?! You MUST have a manatee RSS feed or something.

Garrett Glaude said...

There are only about 4 hours in each 24 hour day that he is not surfing the internet.

Course the majority of that time he is revising papers and doing research for school but miraculously has time to find enough sausage and manatee content to build a entire website.

Every 9 our of 10 posts on PDice are Moquels. God bless him!

Dan B said...

Y'know, the South Park episode about Family Guy was on the other night.

Manatees figure prominently in the plot.

Quel said...

Yes! I have seen. Hopefully manatees don't become the new zombies... or robots