02 October 2009


People are always giving me shit because my meal de jour is the sando... always. I consider myself a connoisseur.

So, considering recent friend and family interventions and my own recognition of sandwich addiction (step one), I decided to take stock of sandwich journalism in an effort to embrace my guilty passion. Here's what I found:

As far as the Bay Area sandwich scene is concerned, these dudes have the Banh Mi and Tortas covered.

Reading about this stuff has inspired me to document my own sando excursions at the local level, although the competition is stiff.

Fuuuug. I could have lunch for every meal of the day, hands down. More to come.


suddenlyshida said...

There are few things as emotionally gratifying as enjoying another's stoke. Quelmo, you inspire as always. These fuels on the other sites have it @ level 10 tho. "For education and delight." real tawk.

Questionable tho: cake donut & ice cream sando... hmmm. while delicious beyond belief; do ice cream sandwiches COUNT as sandos?

Quel said...

ice cream sando is a strech fo sho. two immutable meal categories exist, subsistence and dessert. One exception- Dreya n Dan's waffle sundae.

Zip+Quell=LoveMeatSandwichOnRye said...


Anonymous said...

galahabasha is 'I love this' in my present language. The link to that guy's sandwichopedia is so freakin detailed. mike when you get out west will you tell him you admire his work? how is sandwich inhalation going!
Best regards and happy tummies,