24 September 2009

The Human Condition goes to Portland

String band shenanigans! We were in the great state of Oregon for a whole 5 days...oh, the times we had!

People live well in Oregon. They also live safely and conveniently, as evidenced by this sippy-cup-inspired coffee lid.

More evidence of fine livin':

The Human Condition's first show in PDX was at Mississippi Pizza Pub, in the up n' coming, Hayes-Valley-esque Northeast quarter. Best part of the gig? Getting to hear Djangovitis, a rippin' gypsy-jazz trio. Second best part of the gig? Being given a soup-can microphone, handmade by one of the guitarists:

No trip to Portland is complete without Voodoo Donuts. I had the Raised Grape and Oreo N' Peanut Butter! Our buddy Phil went for the Bacon Maple Bar...classic.

Everyone in Portland is super into getting lots of tattoos...far and away the best one we saw was on this barista's arm at Peet's downtown. He says it's a "pugasus."

When it was time to leave, we were sad to go...but plenty of happy fun times awaited us on the road back to SF. Our infamous and mystical bassist, the Rev. Nate Harris, is always seeing signs...

We crossed the border back in to Cali just in time for some spectacular sunset action over Mt. Shasta:

We made lots of friends on the road, and we can't wait to take The Human Condition back to the Northwest. The last time we stopped for gas, just outside Winters in the Central Valley, we met this lil' lady, hanging out (literally) in the 4Runner's wheel well.


Quel said...

pugasis is SO TIGHT

Dreya said...

I want a pugasus. Like a real one though, not the inky kind. The real ones that say snort and arf. I shall name him Biscuit.

suddenlyshida said...

i am requesting iPhone pix of Biscuit now. where do i call in my pre-order?