06 September 2009

hugs y quizas from tex-azz

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what up satandice?!

dudes y dudesses. this is kinda like an e-post card or something?
i am chillin in the aeroplace w/the free interweb kiosk. so of course i hafta come here. but the next stop was here, my friend karl told me it was funny. i ran some tests and they all came back positive.

laughing my FACE off up in here - sheedilyhoo?


Dan B said...

DUDE. how funny is that Twitter page?! Dr. J pointed it out to me a couple weeks ago....it's the first truly creative thing I've seen anyone do with Twitter!

Dreya said...

I just got tweetspammed by some stupid bride/tweet/blog thing with an @mention just because I tweetpic'd a picture of being in SF's city hall rotunda. Laaaame. Ps - I love the "Shit my dad says"