19 August 2009

We can haz camping?

I know, I know, y'all hellllla missed me n' Dre Bien while we were camping up in Point Reyes...here's some choice Crackberry shotz from the adventure:

It's important to stay hydrated while exploring the wilderness.

And also you should be sure to eat LOTS of s'mores!!!

Dreya was really excited about being by the ocean...we even saw a sea lion chillin' in the waves by the beach!

I was thinking just now, we should organize a pDice camping trip! I'll be in charge of essentials, Shidalou can handle fuzzy warm clothing, Quel can oversee the fooding process...and Dr J. can carry all the booze.

Sound good?


suddenlyshida said...

fuzzlerz? warmz? i'm in.

Quel said...


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

si, tho, I may enlist the help of a cart or sleigh.