31 July 2009

Thursday Recap

This past Thursday was bonkers, even by prnkstr standards. The following is a summary of key events, accompanied by photos, video footage and my own compelling insights:

When I woke up, I kinda knew Thursday was gonna be ridiculous.

My suspicions were confirmed when I turned on my laptop and noticed that one of my external hard drives hadn't appeared on the desktop. Some of you know how that feels. 200 gigs of Logic sessions, photos, video and writing potentially gone.

After much flipping of switches and unplugging of cables, I decided to blow off some steam by disassembling my dad's old iMac.

I felt a LOT better afterward, and my 'missing' drive started behaving itself...hooray! (I later theorized that I'd somehow transferred the techno-karma from the external drive to the broken iMac through my tinkering...Zippy confirmed that techno-karma is real.)

Satisfied that my precious memories and countless hours of hard work hadn't been lost to some digital apocalypse, I hopped in my truck and headed down to BART to pickup suddenlyshida for our appearance on Pirate Cat Radio as Quiet Time!

Since we arrived early (hella professional),we were treated to a performance by Tornado Rider in Pirate Cat's cafe....

They're singing about falcons.

After playing a couple of f'n gorgeous songs on the radio and chatting with The Lazy Magician, I dropped suddenlyshida off downtown and went home to get ready for Terenga Thursdays @ Little Baobab (only the dopest whompy-blap weekly in the Mission!) with Mochipet and Benchun!

'Twas thumping and whumping and there were helllza people there, which is why it was SO appalling that someone fucking puked right in front of the bar!!! Ultimate Party Foul! WHO DOES THAT?! My friend who saw it go down said that the culprit actually tried to order another drink after yakking in a crowded club (effectively clearing out a third of the crowd and forcing everyone who stayed to huff kitty litter and bleach for the rest of the night). Bad form!

Fortunately, the Slayers Club DJs laugh in the face of adversity, and we crunked on till they kicked us out. Check out Lokae, jamming on his MicroKorg during Mochi's set!

It was one of the best Terenga Global Bass Sessions yet...and let me assure whoever it was that barfed: WE WILL SHAME YOU! Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but SOMEDAY!!!

Having consumed much bass and several drinks, me n' Dre Bien headed to our favorite late-night spot, Bob's Donuts on Polk Street. We kick it at Bob's at least once a week, and our homegirl Aya always hooks up the bomb pastries. THIS time, however...she gave us T-SHIRTS!!!

DONUT STOKE!! Now we can rep Bob's errwhere we go!

Finally we were slumped on the couch, eatin' donuts and scouring late-night TV for 'toonz. What we found was much, much more insane than even the first season of Ren & Stimpy...we discovered A Hot Dog Program.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that America's purpose on the planet Earth is to take other people's ideas to any and all extremes. I highly suggest viewing the entire program, preferably while consuming mass amounts of sausage.

As the Hot Dog Program was ending, we decided to see what was coming up next on our favorite public television station.

"Sandwiches That You Will Like"??! More like, "Super Greasy Crap That People Justify Eating Simply By Saying They've BEEN Eating It Their Whole Lives"!!!

When I woke up this morning, it took several moments for me to remember that all of these things had, in fact, actually happened.


suddenlyshida said...

i'll quote myself from mid-thurzdee when i say "SHAYYYYYYYZUS!" what a day db! happy 2 share in the phun. yes 2 techno-karma! i did send over my tech angels too!

p.s. I'M A FALCONNNNNNNNNNN!!! (fav'd)

Quel said...


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

BWAH! Hot dog program! Thats fantastic!