18 July 2009

The Sausage can't won't and don't stop

It's amazing that I can leave Prankster Atlantic for two hours and return to eleventy emails. Thankfully, they were all from trusted sausage sage Mr Odom.

Here are the highlights:

First, we have the Sausage Sisters.

Next, another sausage story.

Now, a sausage story involving safety. No running around the sausage, children.

What in Sam Hell!? A sausage tree? On ebay?

And last of all, perhaps not sausage related, but amazing nonetheless, I present to you, beef bung.


Dan B said...

UFF DA BRAT?! What kind of Scandanavian-hip-hop-sausage-madness IS this?!

pinhead said...

they grow on trees ?