13 July 2009

The Mexican Connection, Part Uno

By now, some of you will have realized that Dre Bien and I are in Mexico. The above picture is what most of Mexico looks like. However, since we've somehow achieved Total Baller Status, we are experiencing a region of Mexico that is very different, specifically the Resort Region (as depicted below).

The crazy thing about Mexico is that everything is pretty similar to 'Merica, with some notable differences. These differences were never more obvious than during our trip to the Mega store, which is kind of like Wal-Mart meets Telemundo.

Oh, the treasures and delights we encountered at Mega! This brief pictorial will give you a better idea of the wonders we beheld:

Healthy snax have funny names.

They gots hecka sausage at Mega!

Dre Bien (in non-panda form) loves her some chocolate milk! There are many brands available in Mexico...

This dude is EVERYWHERE at Mega...he's like their deal-bandit.

When we got back to the hotel, we were pretty freaked out by all the stuff we saw at Mega. We decided to look into the various activities available to us here in the Resort Region. Among them, "Adventure" and "Emotions" seemed the most promising.

Mexico is f'n nuts! My brain pretty much stopped working when I spotted Carlo Rossi in NON-JUG form!

I'm gonna go work on my sunburn. That's all for now, muchachos...adios!


Quel said...

2nd Carlo Rossi-related post in a row!!!! NAFTA was totally a great idea. Have fun, kids, and no running around the pool

Quel said...

Please bring me some Svelti and Sponch. I'm desperate.

Zippy said...


"This is always so much easier in Mexico..."

Hexta Satisfyin said...

ya'll coulda stayed in tha bay to hit this shit beee-itch!