17 July 2009

The Mexican Connection, Part Dos

Against all odds, we have returned from our prankspedition to Los Cabos, where everything is ridiculous, like this painting from our hotel room.

See what I mean?

Unsettled by strange artwork, we ventured into Cabo San Lucas, intent on visiting the famed rock arch at Land's End.

Mission accomplished. The arch is located at the tumultuous junction of the Sea Of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, which made taking pictures of fuzzy lil' sea lions extra sketchy...

Dre Bien was so excited about all the critters in Mexico! The sea lion was a highlight, but the illest thing by far was when we were jetskiing by the arch and saw a freakin' manta ray soar out of the ocean right in front of us! We also saw lotsa geckos, like this one (on the ceiling of a restaurant).

We also met a giraffe.

I do not attract friendly creatures the way Dre Bien does, but I did shake hands with a jellyfish whilst attempting to surf. It's kind of like being stung by 50 bees at once, and also someone's pouring salt water all over the bee stings.

Jellyfish basically suck, but my injury wasn't so bad...nothing a couple Cuban cigars and some Glenlivet couldn't fix...

It's really hot in Mexico, so I did a lot of air-conditioned reading while we were there. If you want to develop a guilt complex about your very existence, read a Noam Chomsky book at a luxury hotel in a Third World country.

If you want to laugh your ass off, read the Gringo Gazette!

Mexico is a land of contrast, a place where poverty and luxury coexist, where the desert meets the sea, and your five-star resort is directly across the street from a cemetery.

Out there in the wild, at the edge of civilization, one must never appear weak or vulnerable. That's why I made sure to rep the West side hella hard, especially at dinner.

When at last it was time to leave, we packed our bags, tipped the maid and headed to the airport, where we met another giraffe. He was even more ridiculous than the cat painting.

Ahh, Mexico...it was really fun to be sweaty and lethargic for a week, but I have to say I was a little verklempt when we crossed the Bay Bridge and saw...FOG!!!



Dreya said...

By the way, Dan totally said "bueno" without thinking twice to our waiter after bringing us coffee. We were back in San Francisco at this point. hahaha

suddenlyshida said...

love it! welcome home gringoz.

i <3 mexi-panda!

Quel said...

Haaaha! Did you bring an extra Gringo Gazette back for me?

eestoneloc... dr.j said...

More about the jelly fish! Did you keep him? Was he really stupid. I heard they will die if they swim themselves into a corner, as they wont understand how to get out.

CAMS said...

yo me and my lady saw those Manta Rays too! crazy! she thought she was gonna get pimp slapped off her jet ski by one.