04 July 2009

Last Night's Sausage, or, This Shit is Starting to Disgust Me

Here's an example of what we at Prankster Atlantic like to call "Global Sausage," Italian sausage on a pita with bbq sauce.

So good at 4:30am off of a cart. So disgusting-looking the next day.

I hope you SF Bay Pranksters are able to enjoy that bacon sausage thing you can get in the Mission this weekend. Send pics!


suddenlyshida said...

@dishes - ewww!

late nite bacon-wrapz appear 2 be the ultimate drunk food.

another good reason 4 me 2 only be wasted online.

shhhhhuush. don't tell a shooul.

Dan B said...

i just went into a food-coma from reading that post