23 July 2009

Breaking Sausage News

In what will be remembered as the greatest bbq of all time, a salame factory in South San Francisco is on fire.

Our man on the scene, the bottomless pit himself, reports: "charred sausage particles are entering my nose, and boy is it setting off my allergies."

More to come.


pDice has obtained this photo of BBQ attendees pouring what appears to be massive amounts of hollandaise sauce on the sausage inferno.

According to the San Francisco Comical, as of Thursday afternoon the building was still to hot for partygoers to gain access to the sausage. However, an anonymous prnkstr has informed me that the sausage should be 'smoked to perfection' by late Friday, probably in time for happy hour.




Dan B said...

All your sausage are go to heaven?

suddenlyshida said...

dan b 4 the win.

Quel said...