10 June 2009

New Spinal Tap!!!

I stopped by InGrooves the other day and my man Jeff (aka DJ F) hooked up a pile of new music...including the new Spinal Tap album, entitled "Back From The Dead."

I recently got in a heated debate with some knucklehead over whether Spinal Tap is a 'real' band. This excessively amazing collection of music, musings and metal should put to rest any theories about the Tap being anything other than the real thing.

By far the best thing about "Back From The Dead" is the full-color fold-out packaging, featuring the band members' action figures perched above a throng of fans and a cairn from Stonehenge.

Second best thing about the album: Gregg Bissonette plays drums!


Quel said...

Bissonette is still alive? I'd thought he disappeared in a cloud of green smoke. Yuk Yuk.

Anonymous said...

I anonymously approve