15 June 2009

Nature Films, Part 1

The ferociously fuzzy Hall Panther (cattus fuzzus) has at last been filmed in its natural habitat. In this series, we will peer cautiously into the world of this intriguing creature, and hopefully gain some insights into its often perplexing habits and motivations.

In Part 1, we encounter an adult male Hall Panther surveying his territory and investigating an interloper. Our cameraman was in no danger, despite coming face-to-face with this often unpredictable beast:


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Stunning. Just stunning.
My initial reaction was to minutes 1:53-1:57 as particular interest and is flagged for further study.

Taco Fuzz said...

I have heard of these cats but thought they were officially classified by the latin "sprocktoculus tacos cattus fuzzingtonious."

Clarification please? No rush tho- just chillin at Game Stop.

suddenlyshida said...

Dan B - you've written some fantastic copy here (in addition to fine filming, art direction & gaffing) you should lend your voice talent to the production as well.

dg said...

we need a video of Batman & Bowzer: The Hall Panther Adventures