08 June 2009

The Human Condition Hits The Road, or SoCal is Bearable In Small Doses

Some of you may be aware that I am the mandolin specialist in a neo-string band called The Human Condition.

We recently played 3 shows with the legendary Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

After a rowdy night at Hotel Utah (never seen that many people there for a show!), we piled into the 4Runner and hauled ass down to The Mint in LA, where we learned that Bon Jovi pretty much ripped off his entire act from this guy.

As we left Los Angeles, we noticed that a ladybug had hitched a ride with us. She sat on the gearshift, occasionally crawling around the console to check stuff out...and ended up coming all the way back to San Francisco with us, where I carefully placed her on a plant in Nate's front yard.

Next stop: Winston's in Ocean Beach, which is basically the Berkeley of San Diego. Jerry's crowd was in full effect, and THC had the honor of being blessed by a 'mermaid' before the show. On the way through La Jolla, we spotted Mark's new favorite business concept:

After the set, we checked out the Jackmormons for a while and then hopped back in the truck and hauled ass back to SF in record time: 7.5 hours from San Diego to San Francisco!

Favorite part of the tour: Jerry Joseph's bitchin' Hamas t-shirt. It's so punk rock to buy things online that might land you on the Homeland Security watchlist!


Quel said...

DB- I can't believe you let that kid drive your 4Runner!

-Goh THC.

suddenlyshida said...

i like that ladybug. i want to folo her on twitturz.

I 2nd the THC goh-ings!

*gavel sound