07 May 2009

Oh hai, these are my friends, the Germarts

actually it's the brothers Germick. But really they are friends and fellow kooks. Pranksters, say hi! xo, shee-der-loof


Howdy Folks,

We are honored to announce that the Chicago Tribune has nominated Planet Booty as one of the worst album covers ever! We are deeply flattered to see the image created by our very own Ryan Germick among such other stellar and iconic works of art. Please click here to cast your vote.

Also, we recently finished a promotional video that takes an intimate look at our Recipe for Success.

We're gearing up for another big show at the Orange Room in June. Details will be posted on the Germart site very soon, so stay tuned!




Moquel said...

that album cover is gonna win, they already have 90% of the vote. Goh germartz.

Dan B said...

Nice! pDice should also befriend THESE characters...


suddenlyshida said...


hope u guys got to check the vid as well. level 10. hi-score.