05 May 2009

Josh Freese Is A Musical Genius

Not only that, he should win some kind of marketing award for his adventurous and highly unorthodox new album relase scheme.

Basically, Freese is offering his new record 'Since 1972' for sale on his website...in both regular and 'limited' editions. It's only 7 bucks to download the album, but for $50 you get a 5-minute phone call from the man himself. The more you spend, the weirder it gets...he already sold the one-of-a-kind, $20,000 edition, which includes such bonus material as:

-an autographed snare drum
-a mini-golf expedition with Freese, Mark from Devo and Maynard James Keenan
-a guided tour of Long Beach
-a night on the Queen Mary (no spooning)
-some other ridiculous shit
...and also Josh will WRITE, RECORD and RELEASE 2 songs about you!!!

Finally, someone with whom there is apparently NOTHING WRONG!!!


suddenlyshida said...

that is the gd brilliance right thurr! Go Josh!

Moquel said...

Edarem and Josh Freese need to have a weirdness contest. Lightswitch flip/ face making style.

Dan B said...

Dude, Freese would win but Edarem would get honorable mention for everything he's ever done. Ever.