27 May 2009

iPhone Emerges As Procrastination Device For Artists And Designers

I know lazy when I see it, and this dude gets the Slacker Of The Year award for drawing a cover for the New Yorker on his iPhone.

My guess: he completely spaced on the project, then got an email from the magazine being all, "So, yeah...that cover...?" He's like, "OH FUCK," whips out his iPhone and draws the first thing he sees...a hot dog cart.

You design-y types probably saw this story already, but the animation is worth a look...

From a prnkstr perspective, this is a major step forward. This could revolutionize 'phoning it in' by several orders of lazy magnitude. ToneDef, how much of your job do you think you could pull off from your phone? 70-80%?

I need to get the 'alternative radio station' app for my Blackberry STAT.

1 comment:

Addict said...

I tried to do it with my chuckberry and ruined my game of brickbreaker... Dan, what's your high score?