24 May 2009

Holiday Wiikend

Amount of time spent playing MarioKart on the Wii over the last 2 days:

Approx. 10 hrs.

Number of new characters, levels and vehicles unlocked by my relentless domination of the track:


Emotional response to beating game and seeing end credits appear:

Triumphant euphoria.

Having my picture taken with Mario and the Princess:



pinhead said...

Did you check under the wii for crack??

Quel said...

Its cuz your afro is aerodynamic, isnt it.

Dan B said...

@pinhead: unfortunately, no drugs found.

@quel: yes, the air flows around my hair like water over smooth rocks.


Innocent said...

Oh snap, we need a Kart wars! Your Mii vs my Mii...hmmm

suddenlyshida said...

shidaloo hearts dbz mii. 2 cute.
a sidenote - i could listen to the music that plays while u make yr mii for-ev-uhhhh

CAM$$$$ said...

Bang, your posts are EPIC.