01 May 2009

Friday Dancing Times

May Day Special - a TwoFur!

Dancefloor 1 : That Slow Drag

Dancefloor 2 : Go Go B-boyz n Grrlz!


BtchzAntSht said...

Quoteable moment:

"Now, all the ladies in the place...if you got real hair, real fingernails...if you got a job, you going to school and you don't need nobody to help you handle your business...MAKE SOME NOISE!"

suddenlyshida said...

um. wow.

that vid tis out of control.

yeah, that's a favo quote too.
ironically it came out at a time when i was rockin braids (fake hurrz) and acrylics (fake nailz) so um... i didn't make like, 100% noise, but ya know like 65%! holr!