22 April 2009

Speaking of Porcupines

So, I have a question.

When was the last time you recorded something other than music or voice and what were the circumstances?


pinhead said...

breaking glass (though it was FOR a music project)

foley: clothing rustles, footsteps, and the sound of a girl reaching into an open-heart wound in her boyfriend's chest (we used sliced deli turkey, wet, squishing in someones hands)

the sound of sprocket lapping water out his bowl, just because it sounds trippy

Moquel said...

Last summer I helped stage manage an outdoor event and while the senior citizens brigade played "you are my sunshine," an old crazy started screaming at them, asking why they hate freedom. To save the concert, I stepped in to talk him down. He proceeded to tell me how Father somethin or other is rolling over in his grave because the communists have taken over, or something. Naturally, I filmed his rants on the sly and can't figure out what to do with the footage. Bang, can you photochoppe film?

Dan B said...

Dear The Quel,

Please send this film-thing to me posthaste! I will FCP it and cause great mirth to fall upon our brains!


The River DanBeezy

PS the last thing I recorded that wasn't music was our neighbors' chickens. Didn't come out too well...I wasn't able to fully capture their obnoxiousness on my phone.

suddenlyshida said...

trick question. everything is music!

*sinister laff while petting fluffly keyton!*