16 April 2009

Proteins & Minerals

Let's play, "Where were YOU in 1995?"


CAMS said...


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Funny! Mr. Ryan and I have been playing this game with techno the last couple days.
On the topic I have to post this. Been obsessed with this track lately.



Moquel said...

In 1995 I lived in the suburbs with my parents, had braces, and frequently "shoulder tapped." Needless to say, in 1995 I totally identified with this track.

suddenlyshida said...

awww yeah! Pauurty up on P-dice!!! BWAH! No diggiteaze!!!

95' Quel pix or STFU!

shoulder tapz?

Moquel said...

Best shoulder tapz I ever had was a mechanic getitng off work who told me my 40 oz cost ten dollars. "eh, er, ahhh, sarry, kid."

eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Poor critter.

heymeeshter95 said...

dear internet,

thank you for explaining my friends to me.

love, s.shida

Dan B said...

I was hella sophisticated in '95