06 April 2009

NIN go disco

That Trent Reznor fellow is one April-foolsing mother trucker.

Check out the "new" NIN album, produced by Timbaland.

The amazing tracklist with fabulous guest stars:

1. intro skit
2. everybody's doing it (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)
3. black t-shirt
4. pussygrinder (featuring sheryl crow)
5. coffin on the dancefloor
6. this rhythm is infected
7. slide to the dark side
8. even closer (featuring justin timberlake and maynard james keenan)
9. on the list (she's not)
10. clap trap crack slap
11. laid, paid and played (featuring fergie of the black eyed peas and al jourgensen)
12. feel like being dead again
13. still hurts (featuring alicia keys)
14. outro skit


Moquel said...

pussygrinder (featuring sheryl crow)

Uhbrv8d said...

fkng brllnt

Dan B said...

I tried to download it, but now my computer has cholera.

eestoneloc... dr.j said...