07 April 2009

Faith in the Internet, Restored.

Watching docus in parts on youtube is strangely satisfying. Especially when the subject matter involves urban wastelands and the roots of techno.


suddenlyshida said...

O QuelThaFunkyHomosapien, Fantastic post!

Begs the question - where does creativity begin? In the mind of the artist, regardless of location or in the environment where the artist physically is?

I've always thought about this in reference to a place like Daly City which had hatched such superfreaks as Qbert (and many turntablists), UFO! and more.

Would there have been such a movement in the late 90's if those kids didn't grow up in an environment where they had to use their imagination more?

Potentially because they didn't live in the assumedly MORE artistically active city of SF?

suddenlyshida said...

o yah! spot the "quel" in the subtitles and u get an xtra man!

Moquel said...

Furral, Sheedz. Same reason punk rock and hip hop came out of bankrupt 1970s New York City.

And yes, the French have an appreciation for the Quel.