11 March 2009

Oblivious Rich People, Part IV

Down here near the poverty line, it's easy for Prnkstrs to forget how hard the economic downturn has been for people who actually have money to lose. Fortunately, the mouthpiece of the establishment recently did a piece on the New Depression, the troubled upper classes and the touching (if pathetic) ways in which they're coping with having less cheddar than before.

The society pages have reflected little of the turmoil that has gripped the upper echelons of our neo-gentry, but the Times' daring investigative journalism bluntly confronts the wave of uncertainty and fear that has washed over the well-to-do. My favorite quote is this near-Zen observation from a modern Southern belle:

“It’s kind of like we all went overboard,” said Ms. Taylor, 33. “And we’re trying to get back to where we should have been.”

WAY TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS, BITCH. What a tragedy that you've been forced to wear a dress MORE THAN ONCE.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jennifer is using coupons at restaurants!!??
Dear God! I think I heard a WASP GASP!!

CheddarIsBetter-WhenUrRICH$$$ said...

that one chick in the back is super cute.

Moquel said...

Damn NYT photoshopped the Quel outta that one. And I was looking all Flava Flav and shit.

Anonymous said...

Oh god- more: