06 February 2009

Live The Change - VGKIDS GRant

We had a roundtable discussion trying to find the winner amongst the many worthy recipients of the 2019 grant for $500 worth of free printing at VGKids. In the end, we chose the entry below by Timothy Pizza because it stood so far apart from the rest. Equal parts business (good writing form, answering the prompt) and being totally out of bounds (merging with an infant giraffe after the earth is struck by an astroid?). That's a difficult balance and in alot of ways, captures what VGKids is all about. We're in the business of helping people make their art and shake up the status quo. I do hope he's wrong about the astroid though.

In the year 2019, I'll be living in the Desert and walking on four legs. This is because I'll be a Giraffe. You won't believe anything I say here. You don't belong here any more than I do. But I am the one who will go across the line. I have something different. I'm everywhere, scouring black markets, invading your local Zoo, posting on Craig's list, and when I find a healthy Giraffe infant I am going to call upon the Lizard. His promise still remains.

I met the Lizard when I was six years old, my older brother was holding him by his tail before he dropped him into a mason jar full water and made me watch the Lizard drown. He laughed like a Hyena while its back arched and twitched to a fro. Eventually he stopped twitching and the water became cloudy. I've never cried a drop since then. Still to this day many years later, the Lizard, he comes to my dreams. He tells me about the perils of humans, how we are cursed by our own minds. He also tells me about the joy of animals and their simplicity of which we (humans) could never possibly understand. The Lizard knows how terrible I felt when I watched him drown in that mason jar, he knew about the harrowing visions and the guilt, shame filled and horrible. The Lizard, he has forgiven me. He's even become what some would call a friend.

In a place not far from here, where the light bends, we, the Lizard and I can manipulate the things around us. In this place were all spread thin between reality and dreams. Rules don't apply to us there. I can be anything there. On February 1, 2019 an asteroid is coming. You don't believe me but it is true.


This asteroid will carry a new kind of electricity, new to you anyway. This kind of electricity, if held to the bent light of the sun will allow me and the baby Giraffe to be one. I'll leave my human skin and bones to forever rot beneath this earth, meanwhile my soul and mind will spend its remaining years in the vessel of a healthy young Giraffe. I'll be so tall, and I will have the prettiest eyelashes. I'll never have to make eye contact again. I'll never have to speak another word. I won't be able to. Giraffe's do not have vocal cords. They have flesh radio transmitters. Their long necks act as antennas, sending and receiving Giraffe related information. All to the music of world, in the soft heat of the desert, and the chance of this cursed life, to stand so tall and proud listening to songs hidden in the morning wind. The precious gifts life has denied man will all be mine. I will understand the Giraffe. I will view from the height of peacefulness and stand alone, away from all of you. The Lizard and I do not pretend.

-Timothy Pizza


eestoneloc... dr.j said...

Congrats T.P. Sweet!

Dan B said...

All your contest are belong to Schmeez.

suddenlyshida said...

timothy. you write hella gud. ithanku.