01 December 2008

World, meet Tygorz

And I quote:

"Ja! Ja! Das ist gut! Wanken die Winky!

Supercool Winkytool is the debut single from Tygörz. It defines the Hard Rocken genre. It is the single hardest, the single rockest, the single best piece of music ever created by mankind. Thrill to the aural caress of Klaus Umlaut as he and his fraulein Binky, the single hottest, the single sexiest, the single most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth, writhe in erotic overload for your pleasure.

You will not resist the power of Tygörz. Tygörz is your overlord. Tygörz is your new God. You will follow Tygörz."

Without further adooooo...


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Dan B said...

I love how dude is just getting sprayed by the hose.

Schneller, Schneller!