30 December 2008

pDice Holiday Throwdown LEFTOVERS

Last night's Prankfest at Madrone totally kicked ass! Thanks to everyone who came out, performed, brought a friend or pretended to understand whatever the hell we were doing to our equipment at any given time!

Bigup the evil Prankster genius Milo The Mad Scientist and his crazy circuit-bent devices...we premiered several new instruments last night, including the light-sensitive Quellotone keyboard and Shidalou's StoryTimeFreakStrips.

I think it goes without saying (but I'ma say it anyway) that Moquel and Audio Angel's SWEET POTATO PIE was a freakin' HIT with the crowd...so sweet, so pie-ful, so free!

Thanks again to everyone who performed: Mochipet, Mike Boo, Puzzle, Rob D, DJ CAM$$$, Audio Angel, Prof. Bang and Reverend Moquel...and to Jeremy the lonely bartender, who had to deal with all of our demanding, drunk-ass friends!

Coming up in 2009: MORE MAYHEM!


CAMS said...

can i get a fuggggyeah???
sick times!

suddenlyshida said...

Fuggin A RIGHTS!!!
so so def.

pie + chicken = a well fed pdice posse.

timmy looked so damned happy for eats, it brought a tear to me eye!

incredible night. i'm pretty much just gonna find ways to talk and think about it like, all day.