29 December 2008

Live from PDice News Network!

Good Afternoon Viewers, Madelyn Potemsky, here with PDice Afternoon Report.
(get off our backs, we just woke up)

* cue news theme, something grandiose, several tympani rolls and just when you think it's done...one more. yeah. perfect.

Our top story today, A HOLIDAY THROWDOWN turns to a HOLIDAY BEATDOWN as PDice parishioners prepare for tonight's impending auditory assault. Let's join correspondent Banana-Leaf Johnson who is live at Fell & Divisadero, where the attack is planned.


(Banana-Leaf is caught off guard leafing through the Adult magazines at the market across from Madrone, he speaks with a heavy Hatian accent)

Tank You Madelyn! It's a lovely day here in Western Addition portion section of the San Francisco urban area. Seems like all is well. Birds are weeping and the smell of Popeyes' chicken is likely to make the normal Pdicestrian damn near insane. But these things are NOT out of the ordinary! Tonights' IAA (we told u before, IMPENDING AUDITORY ATTACK!) is scheduled for 9pm. We've heard of others launching attacks here. But never with such PRECISE SCHEDULE and delightfully fruity liquors available! We here at PNN suggest coming early, staying late, bring drawing materials to make the attack that much more pleasant. Back to you Madelyn.

(camera pans to empty, disheveled news room - Madelyn is gone. There is a note attached to the chair, camera zooms in - "BEWARE OF THE TOYS!" signed Milo?!?!?)


see ya tonight kids! <3


Dan B said...

Oh man oh man I'm scurrred now!


I saw BANANA LEAF and he was wearing BANANAPANTS